AtmosAir for Commercial

If you own or manage a commercial building, you know the importance of providing the best possible experience for occupants and it starts with something you can’t see, feel or touch.

At AtmosAir, we’re helping commercial building owners, operators and occupants to see air differently.
It’s about bringing the benefits of improved indoor air quality to life, including greater human health and
productivity and bottom-line business benefits.

We deliver those benefits with an eye on sustainability and energy efficiency. Our technologies deliver guaranteed
energy savings and the peace of mind of sensors and reporting that lets you know the technology is working.

Airborne Pollutants are Minimized in Only 30 Minutes When an AtmosAir System is at Work

Patented Bi-Polar Ionization

How can a single technology do both? Sounds like a stroke of genius, and in a way, it is.

Based on a technology pioneered by Albert Einstein himself, AtmosAir developed one of
the best indoor air purification system available today.

The process, bi-polar ionization, delivers ionized oxygen molecules into the air space that can reduce many
chemical compounds and VOCs, minimize mold and bacteria, and attach themselves to airborne pollutants such
as dust, pollen and smoke, causing them to weigh enough that they drop from breathing areas.

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