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Multi-Core Composite Tubes

The AtmosAir patented Multi-Core Composite (MCC) tubes should be replaced every 24 months to maintain optimal ion generation to reduce contaminants in the occupied space.

AtmosAir’s multi core composite (MCC) tubes provide unmatched performance and reliability: 

  • Lifespan of two years
  • Shatterproof
  • Resistance to heat and air velocity
  • No odors
  • No bright lights or disruptive cleaning with potentially toxic materials
  • No danger looking at the powered ionization tubes
  • Highly customizable to meet customer’s facility needs
  • Easy access to ionization tubes for cleaning or replacement
  • Easily installed in any HVAC air distribution configuration
  • UL 2998 certified 
  • Unlimited end-user market applications

If you require any further assistance with the Multi-Core Composite Tubes or further information on its capabilities,
contact our team.