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Biotronic Filter

The Biotronic High-Efficiency Particle Filter is a 2-inch thick carbon-filament style filter that utilizes Electronic Polarization Technology (EPT) to trap airborne contaminates. The Model 2300 can be used in any application where particulate filters are used and can be a “pre”, “mid”, or “final” stage filter.

Biotronic Filter 2300

Unlike typical particulate filters, the Model 2300 uses the entire depth of charged media (not just the face area) to capture contaminants, allowing superior dust holding capabilities and a proportionately longer pad life. Additionally, only the white media pads needs to be changed out, which are inexpensive and significantly lighter and easier to handle than ridged filters.

Air Flow Capacity: 2,460 CFM

Rated Voltage: 24 VAC/VDC

Frequency: 50/60 Hz

Power Consumption: 4 Watts

Approvals: LEED – ETL Listed – UL 867

MERV Rating: 13

If you require any further assistance with the Biotronic Filter, or further information on its capabilities, please contact our team.