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Biotronic Filter

Airflow Capacity: 1,400 CFM 
Voltage: 24 VAC
Energy Use: 3.0 Watts
Monitors: Bacteria, fine dust, smoke particles and some viruses
Power Supply: Installed within the existing fan system

Powered filtration is composed of fibrous materials to reduce ultrafine particulate matter such as dust, pollen, mold, bacteria, smoke particles and even some viruses within the air. These filters are offered in various sizes, materials and filtration efficiencies required to capture particles of different sizes while saving on energy and overall maintenance costs.

Filter will provide substantial benefits to your project

  • Clean ultrafine particles
  • Save up to 50% or more in energy costs by reducing fan horsepower and the amount of outside are required for IAQ
  • Reduce maintenance cost by extending the life of your filters, simplifying maintenance, and reducing supply inventory

If you require any further assistance with the Biotronic Filter, or further information on its capabilities, please contact our team.

One Company, One Brand, a Stronger Impact Towards the Future of Healthier Indoor Air

Bioclimatic Air Systems has been part of the family since 2021 and we’re excited to announce our official transition to go-to-market under one company brand – AtmosAir Solutions.

This new structure will help us make a one company, one brand impact, to deliver healthier and cleaner indoor air quality and monitoring solutions. We will deliver a more streamlined and focused customer service journey than ever on meeting the needs of our customers and partners.

We will continue to offer our Bioclimatic ActiveOx, Biotronic Filter, MC-880, and custom solutions within the AtmosAir portfolio of solutions.