Commercial Property Case Study

Empire State Realty Trust

Empire State Realty Trust, Inc. (NYSE: ESRT) is a NYC-focused REIT that owns and manages a well-positioned property portfolio of office, retail, and multifamily assets in Manhattan and the greater New York metropolitan area. Owner of the Empire State Building – the “World’s Most Famous Building” – ESRT also owns and operates its iconic, newly reimagined Observatory Experience.

Empire State Realty Trust achieves success for our tenants, brokers, investors, employees and other stakeholders. Our fully-modernized, energy-efficient spaces provide exceptional value to our current and prospective tenants and residents, and serve as a competitive advantage to us.  As the leader in sustainability and energy efficiency with a focus on ROI-driven investment, ESRT’s commitment to indoor environment quality is unmatched.

"We have utilized AtmosAir in our offices. We were an early adopter. We have rolled AtmosAir out throughout all of our buildings including Empire State Building and it is a part of our Indoor Envrionmental Quality specifications."

- Tony Malkin, CEO, ESRT


Beginning in 2013, AtmosAir was asked to measure the effect of their air purification systems on the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) for a number of buildings for ESRT. Today, AtmosAir Bipolar Ionization air purification technology is installed in all of ESRT’s office buildings across a portfolio of over 10 million square feet. 


AtmosAir has been proven to neutralize coronaviruses by 99.92% in a third-party accredited laboratory. Numerous tests in ESRT spaces have been conducted. Integrated AtmosAware IAQ monitoring technology and software enables real-time monitoring of air quality.


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