Professional Sports Case Study Arena

AEG is one of the the world’s largest sport and live entertainment companies.

“You have proven that your system does in fact provide cleaner air, and savings in electrical energy. This system will help us in our efforts towards becoming more sustainable.”

- Bill Pottorff, Senior VP, AEG


Its AEG 1EARTH mission is to reduce the company’s environmental impact while driving business value through sustainability. AEG’s leadership team at Arena, the world’s most frequented arena, sought innovative methods for contributing to their ESG and sustainability mission. 

In addition, with Staples Center location in Los Angeles, there are typical indoor air quality issues such as odors and VOCs. 

Solution Arena first piloted AtmosAir in the the 30,000 sq ft Lexus Club and Suites. Third party indoor air quality (IAQ) and energy measurements were taken throughout the pilot. 

Results were tremendous. AtmosAir helped reduce various indoor air quality parameters including particles and VOCs. In addition, energy metering confirmed that HVAC related energy consumption was reduced by 21%. 

After a successful pilot phase, Arena decided to install AtmosAir technology in all air handlers in the arena. 

Various air quality monitoring and controls systems have been installed in select areas of the arena. 

“After we tested the system we recognized there would be significant savings of electricity. During the time I have been here, we have used AtmosAir to reduce odors and save energy. Everyone that comes to the arena is able to experience a better overall environment due to the technology. We are very pleased with the investment and we have worked hard to sustainably maintain the technology.”

- Grant Higgins, Sr. Director of Engineering, Arena

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