Government Case Study

Newark Public Library

The Newark Public Library delivers essential services and resources to everyone seeking opportunities to build a better life. Facing Washington Park, the historic Newark Public Library traces its beginnings to the Newark Library Association, which was formed in 1847. Forty years later, the people of Newark approved the founding of a Free Public Library, which subsequently acquired association’s holdings. The Newark Free Public Library opened on West Park Street and offered 10,000 books which were shelved in open stacks, an innovation at the time. Eventually, the need for more space necessitated the construction of a new building at 5 Washington Street, which opened in 1901 and is where the main branch is located today.


As with many older buildings, mechanical systems need to be upgraded.  The administrative offices which are located on the fourth floor had their HVAC systems replaced in two phases, first in 2017, and the second phase in 2020. To provide optimum indoor quality in an historic building required an innovative mechanical design.


The mechanical engineering team incorporated AtmosAir’s Bi-polar ionization systems in each new air handler installed.  In addition, they included an indoor air quality sensor so the facility could monitor the air quality in their offices.


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