Government Case Study

Hidalgo County Court House

The new 321,000 sqft Hidalgo County Courthouse in Edinburg Texas replaces the 1950s structure and provides the capacity to address current needs with infrastructure to allow for future growth. Indoor air quality was top of mind during the design process. Hidalgo county wanted to monitor the air quality and have indoor air quality technologies to treat the air continuously.


The city needed to replace the older building to support future growth. Hidalgo county wanted to provide a monitored healthy environment to keep building occupants safe and the doors open. We were at the end of the pandemic which caused many costly delays at courthouses.


ERO Architects, and HDR helped to deliver a new seven-story courthouse in Edinburg, Texas.

The engineering team incorporated AtmosAir’s bi-polar ionization systems in each new air handler installed.  In addition, they included an AtmosSmart, indoor air quality sensor, so the facility could monitor the air quality and modulate the air ionization based on the type of contaminants in the space.


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