Cruise Case Study

Norwegian Cruise Line

Our story began more than half a century ago when Norwegian Caribbean Line was founded by Norway’s oldest and most respected shipping company. In 1966, we made a groundbreaking maiden voyage with 550 passengers that changed how the world viewed holidays at sea. No longer simply a means of transportation, the ship became a destination unto itself, offering guests an exciting, affordable alternative to land-based resorts. As the cruise industry began to gain popularity, Norwegian led the way with its introduction of a fleet of sleek, new “white ships” in the late 60s and early 70s and continued to add capacity and expand itineraries throughout the next two decades. Norwegian Caribbean Line became Norwegian Cruise Line in 1987 to reflect an expanded route structure. Throughout the 90s the company continued to expand its fleet with newer and larger vessels built to replace the now retired “white ships.”

“While it is impossible to completely eliminate the risks associated with COVID-19, the AtmosAir technology is one of the many investments the Company is making to enhance its already rigorous health and safety standards. We are working diligently on our multi-layered strategy for health and safety and AtmosAir’s proven all-natural bi-polar ionization technology will add yet another layer of protection on board our ships.”

- Robin Lindsay, Executive Vice President of Vessel Operations for Norwegian Cruise Line Holdings Ltd.


NCL needed a standard air purification partner to accelerate the opportunity for cruising to bounce back from the pandemic to ensure travelers would be in a cleaner and safer indoor environment while beginning to cruise again.


Cruise Line Holdings Ltd. (NYSE: NCLH)partnered with AtmosAir Solutions to install continuous disinfection air purification systems across the 28 ships in its three brands, Norwegian Cruise Line, Oceania Cruises and Regent Seven Seas Cruises.


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