The City School District of New Rochelle Upgrades Indoor Air Quality with AtmosAir Technology to Monitoring

City School District of New Rochelle (CSDNR) buildings are now monitored for quality and safety through a new bipolar ionization technology that reduces contaminants, pollutants, and odors to purify indoor air, monitors quality 24/7, and protects the health and wellness of students, faculty, and staff working in CSDNR buildings.

New Rochelle Schools were ahead of the curve on focusing on indoor air quality in schools,” said now-retired Director of Facilities Carl Thurnau. “Even before COVID, the school district’s Health and Safety Committee was focused on improving all aspects of environmental health in our schools, including indoor air quality. This will benefit our students for decades to come.”

The CSDNR invested in the innovative technology with funding from the Elementary and Secondary School Emergency Relief Fund (ESSER). The school district retained indoor air quality company AtmosAir, to implement bipolar ionization tubes that reduce mold, bacteria, dust particles, and volatile organic compounds. The technology reduces the spread of infections in schools and removes mold and other allergens from the air, which can reduce incidences of asthma and other respiratory ailments in children.

“There were many indoor air quality options and solutions offered during the pandemic,” said CSDNR Director of Facilities Keith Watkins. “By conducting a month-long pilot, we verified that the technology worked as intended and was sustainable, with lower costs for ongoing maintenance than the traditional filter system. This technology will support our existing robust Cleaning for Health program and allow for continued transparency related to our indoor air quality.”

“Clean air in our schools is critical for our students and staff,” said CSDNR Superintendent Jonathan P. Raymond. “We are the only school district in New York State to implement this technology at this level, making us both a statewide and national standard bearer for indoor air quality testing and monitoring, as evidenced by the improvement that has been measured across multiple variables and documented by a third-party, independent engineer.”

The AtmosAir technology is also used in school districts nationwide, and the technology allows for enhanced transparency because air quality measurement is always available. The bi-polar ionization technology is not to be confused with other ionization technologies, which is an entirely different process.