Office Windows Don’t Open, So Landlords Turn to Clean-Air Tech to Fight Virus Spread

Fear that Covid-19 will spread through the air in office buildings has the owner of New York’s most famous tower boasting on television about HVAC systems.

“Even at the Empire State Building, down to the observatory, we have MERV 13 filters,” Anthony Malkin, chief executive of Empire State Realty Trust, said in a June 9 interview with CNBC. “We have AtmosAir, proven to remove 99.92% of the Covid virus from the air.”

MERV 13 air filters are high-efficiency. AtmosAir is an indoor system that uses energized ions capable of “seeking and destroying” viruses, germs and other pollutants, as described by Steve Levine, chief executive of AtmosAir Solutions, a company based in Fairfield, Conn.