How to Pollen-Proof a Bedroom for a More Comfortable Night’s Sleep

With the arrival of spring and its accompanying pollen influx, the onset of allergy season is fast approaching, meaning it’s the ideal time to pollen-proof your bedroom. This is key for creating a more comfortable and restful sleeping environment, especially for those with allergies or sensitivities.

Pollen can infiltrate indoor spaces and disrupt sleep quality, especially during springtime when flowers are blooming and trees are budding. Pollen is spread through the air and can stick to surfaces, and once inhaled, can cause allergies.

How To Pollen-Proof A Bedroom

From maintaining optimal humidity levels to minimizing soft furnishings and adopting smart cleaning tips for allergy sufferers, these proactive measures can keep you comfortable all spring and are great ways to make your bedroom better for sleep.

“Regular care and maintenance of your HVAC system is important to avoid build-up,” explains Tony Abate, a certified indoor environmentalist and chief technology officer at AtmosAir Solutions. “Keep critical components clean and provide a healthy, pollen-free environment.”

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