How Often Should a HVAC System Be Serviced? Expert Advice for Lower Utility Bills,

With all of the comfort our HVAC systems bring, they do come with demands of regular maintenance. One important step is to make sure you’re servicing your HVAC system regularly.

This shouldn’t be ignored, either. Neglecting to look after our heating and cooling systems can lead to them working inefficiently, driving up our utility bills while providing a lesser quality of air control, leading you to start bringing out the best fans in a heat wave. It also leads to bigger problems and malfunctions down the line.

So, how often should you be servicing your HVAC system? We spoke to the technical AC experts to find out how to make sure yours is well-maintained and running smoothly.

Tony Abate, VP and CTO at AtmosAir Solutions, elaborates on this: “An HVAC system not properly serviced can cause germs, mold, dust, bacteria and airborne viruses to build up due to poor air filtration and ventilation systems. All can trigger allergy attacks and illness in a home.”

There’s even a term known as ‘dirty sock syndrome,’ Tony adds, “where build-up on the evaporator coils of the HVAC system can cause a foul-smelling odor to emit from the vents.”

“Having your air system regularly serviced, cleaned and those filters changed will ensure good air delivery and better performance. For added health and wellness, enhanced technologies like bi-polar air ionization devices integrated into your HVAC system can help to neutralize spores and other contaminants,” explains Tony.