Does a Dehumidifier Make a Room Cooler? Experts Explain How Yours Could Help Beat the Heat

Even if you have an AC or a fan, the oppressive humidity of summer continues to trouble us at home. But could a dehumidifier help make a room cooler?

Although dehumidifiers are not known for blowing cold air, these handy appliances could be the very thing you need to lower stifling humidity in your home and take the edge off the heat. They may not be enough to cool the space down on their own, though.

Here, experts explain how a dehumidifier could help to make a room feel cooler.

Does A Dehumidifier Make A Room Cooler?

There’s no straightforward answer to this. John Carey, appliance expert and vice-president at Designer Appliances, explains that a dehumidifier does not actually cool down a room like an air conditioning unit does. Instead, it takes in excess moisture to lower humidity and make the space more comfortable. This ‘certainly makes it feel cooler,’ he says, ‘but it doesn’t actually do anything to lower the temperature.’

The reason a dehumidifier can feel like a great way to cool down a room, is because it helps create an environment where our sweat evaporates more quickly, relieving our skin of the ‘clammy’ sensation we often associate with summer and making us feel cool, continues Tony Abate, certified indoor environmentalist, and chief technology officer at Atmos Air Solutions.

Because of this, a dehumidifier is a great companion to use alongside cooling a room with fans or air conditioning, and keeping external doors and windows closed for the best results. A combination of both will lead to a much more comfortable summer.