Cosentini Report on Bi-Polar Ionization in Commercial Spaces

Case Study Overview 

Cosentini has deployed AtmosAir’s bi-polar ionization technology for continuous air purification within their indoor office space in New York City to improve indoor air quality for employees and customers who work and visit their office. As indoor air quality remains a priority for many, Cosentini is measuring and leveraging digital sensors and modular air control technology to provide and maintain optimal indoor air quality within their office space. With an effort to ensure the health, wellness, and safety within the indoor environment, third-party testing and validation was completed within Cosentini’s office space by April 2021.

When AtmosAir bi-polar ionization is properly applied within the indoor environment, the efficacy of proven results is shown below as to how to reach optimal indoor air quality. Cosentini’s effort to deploy AtmosAir bi-polar ionization is one part of the overall solution to a healthier indoor environment. Another element of this is real-time indoor air quality monitoring and data transparency, which enables Cosentini to view the  quality of the air in the office space. Soon, employees and visitors will also be able to view this for themselves via monitors installed in the lobby area. The air is maintained at an optimal level by leveraging AtmosAir bi-polar ionization technology and the power of dynamic digital controls, sensors and real time indoor air quality monitoring.

Cosentini and AtmosAir are helping employees, visitors and customers See Air Differently.