Primary & Secondary Case Study

Sioux Falls School District

The Sioux Falls School District (SFSD) is widely recognized for accomplishments in student achievement and innovative educational strategies. SFSD serves a diverse population of more than 24,000 students. The vision of SFSD is to embrace the opportunity for all children to learn about the world’s cultures from curriculum and through the shared experiences of their classmates. Students in the SFSD consistently score above state and national averages on standardized exams with many students recognized as National Merit Scholars and Advanced Placement Scholars. The District also features gifted education, National Honor Society, state and nationally recognized academic teams, as well as a host of state and nationally recognized co-curricular programs.

“Air quality has long been a consideration of the Sioux Falls School District. The COVID-19 virus heightened our awareness of the need for a superior air filtration system. Thanks to federal funding made available to schools, we were able to install this technology in every building in the Sioux Falls School District. This investment is one that will not only neutralize coronavirus, but the flu virus, and many other airborne concerns out there. Our highest priority is the health and safety of all students and staff. This system adds one more layer to their protection.”

- Jeff Kreiter, Director of Operational Services for the District


The goal is to make all Sioux Falls schools safer for students, faculty and staff by creating a healthier indoor environment during and post-pandemic.


The Sioux Falls School District, Mechanical Sales Inc. SD, and AtmosAir Solutions, a leading global indoor air quality solutions provider installed  bi-polar ionization in all of the district’s 23 elementary schools, five middle schools, five high schools, and Southeast Technical College facilities in Sioux Falls.


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