Atlantis Property Prioritizes Safety with New Air Filtration System

On the heels of a nationwide pandemic, several companies have been making moves to keep customers safe even as we enjoy normalcy. At Atlantis Casino Resort Spa, one such effort came in the form of a brand-new air filtration system that was installed at the end of April.

Upgrading from basic Smoke Eaters to state-of-the-art air purification technology has not only increased the casino’s ability to combat smoke, it’s also created a healthier breathing environment by reducing mold, bacteria and germs related to COVID-19.

In Nevada, where smoking is allowed in nearly every casino, high-quality systems are the best way to maintain the gaming atmosphere while still prioritizing safety. The AtmosAir devices installed inside of the Atlantis heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system continually purify and monitor the property’s air quality.

AtmosAir systems have been utilized by world-class facilities across the country including Houston Methodist Hospital, SoFI Stadium in Los Angeles, and New York City’s iconic Empire State Building.

“The addition of this cutting-edge technology is just another example of our continuous commitment to providing a safe and enjoyable environment for all our guests,” said Cheraz Ecker, general manager of Atlantis.

It’s part of a larger undertaking the Atlantis has embarked on to improve the guest experience. Efforts include newly redesigned guest rooms and The Shoppes at Atlantis, a luxurious retail venue with upscale offerings. “We’re in the middle of a huge, property-wide upgrade,” said Joel Villanueva, communications manager for the Atlantis. “Installing a new air purification system is another part of our overarching mission to provide our guests with the latest and greatest amenities the industry has to offer.”

Perry Sanders, corporate director of facilities at the Atlantis, described the system as an intelligent air purification and air monitoring technology that allows for control over indoor environment quality for the entire property, including visitors and employees. “The proactive and continuous air purification technology is more advanced to breakdown and neutralize smoke, advanced contaminants, viruses, mold, bacteria and more,” he said.

“AtmosAir’s technology cleans the air and provides ultrafine particulate reductions compared to static filter systems by neutralizing the contaminants within the air,” Sanders said. And if you want to get technical about it, the proof is in the science. “This system… is consistently responding to up to eight air quality parameters and purifying the air through a continuous and proactive cleaning process using a tube type technology called di-electric bi-polar ionization (BPI).”

Unlike other air purification systems, the AtmosAir system installed at Atlantis does not produce harmful ozone as a byproduct. This has been tested by AtmosAir and independently verified by The Desert Research Institute, a recognized world leader in basic and applied environmental research.

A study completed by Fresno State University found the AtmosAir system successfully reduced both particles and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). Microchem Laboratory, a leading lab for testing EPA and FDA approved products, also found positive results, reporting greater than 99.9% efficacy in reducing the presence of Human Coronavirus Strain 229E in simulated real-world conditions within 30 minutes.

In the end, Atlantis is using the system to keep its guests and employees healthy and happy.

While the majority of the property is already smoke-free including 96% of guest rooms, all Atlantis restaurants, Spa Atlantis, the Race & Sportsbook, Poker Room, Sky Terrace, Atrium Lounge, the entire second floor, fitness center and outdoor pool deck, smoking is still allowed in certain sections of the casino floor. A large part of safety measures includes converting previously designated smoking areas to smoke-free, which was recently completed in the table games area as well as a new slot machine area by the east entrance.

“The resort is providing excellent ventilation, air changes per hour, filtration and purification,” Sanders said. “We have been working with the best design consultants to measure, monitor and make sure the Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ) is healthy.”