Testing Results: Independent Testing Confirms AtmosAir™ Works

At AtmosAir™, customer satisfaction is our top priority. Dozens of letters from thrilled clients tell us how AtmosAir™ has improved their lives.

Rigorous testing from one of the world’s most respected independent laboratories confirms our technology removes airborne toxic compounds linked to disease, discomfort, absenteeism and more.

Review the complete results from Intertek ETL Semko, the nation’s largest independent testing laboratory. These tests verify our impressive effectiveness at removing dust and mold spores. Compare our performance to the test results of competitor air purification products to see just how much more effective AtmosAir™ is at removing particles, compounds, mold spores and dust from the air we breathe.

Best of all — and unlike other air purification systems — AtmosAir™ produces no harmful ozone or other byproducts. Testing verifies it!

Review the complete results, and discover why you need AtmosAir™.

Please note that at the time of testing the product was originally called BentaxUSA. We have since branded our products to AtmosAir (A Clean Air Group Product)