Oak View Group Announces AtmosAir Solutions As Official Air Purification Partner

Furthering its commitment to sustainability and the health and wellness of its guests and employees, Oak View Group (OVG) today announced it has named AtmosAir Solutions as the official air purification technology partner of many OVG-managed facilities.

AtmosAir Solutions will support OVG’s ongoing efforts at many of the top-tier clients the company manages globally, including stadiums, convention centers, and entertainment arenas and facilities.

AtmosAir Solutions’ patented bi-polar ionization technology, installed in building HVAC systems, improves wellness by suppressing airborne and surface micro-organisms and pathogens, including viruses, bacteria, and mold, and reduces odors as well as unhealthy and irritating volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The technology makes buildings more sustainable while reducing energy and operational costs using smart controls paired with ventilation, air purification, and filtration. AtmosAir’s AtmosSmart, a patented smart sensor technology, validates and verifies (10) elements of air quality monitoring in real-time while continuously validating pristine air quality within the sports facility.

In addition, AtmosAir has been designated as the official “Solution Provider” within the “Promote IAQ (Indoor Air Quality)” objective of the Green Operations Advanced Leadership (GOAL) program, a sports and entertainment sustainability platform enabling member sports and entertainment facilities to set, track and improve sustainability performance. This will allow OVG the opportunity to showcase the importance of indoor air quality to maintain healthier and safer indoor spaces for guests, athletes, entertainers, and employees.

According to AtmosAir Solutions, Microchem Laboratory, one of the world’s preeminent laboratories for testing EPA and FDA-FDA-registered sanitizing products, found its BPI technology lowers the risk of exposure to bacteria, mold, dust, odors, and volatile organic compounds. In a certified controlled lab test, AtmosAir’s BPI technology was shown to reduce Coronavirus 229E by 99.92% in 30 minutes or less in a contained space.

Dan Griffis, President, of OVG Global Partnerships who brokered the partnership said, “Sustainability is one of the founding principles of Oak View Group. Recent years have also taught us the incredible importance of clean indoor air quality in support of overall health and wellness. AtmosAir Solutions provides cutting-edge technology and peace of mind that our venues are healthier and better for the environment and communities within which we operate.”

“We are pleased to partner with a leading brand like OVG in the sports and entertainment space,” said Steve Levine, President, and CEO of AtmosAir Solutions. “They are the leaders in professional venue development and management, and this partnership further establishes their commitment to monitoring indoor air quality in real-time supporting health, wellness, and sustainability in their sports, convention, and entertainment venues.”

Clean indoor air quality represents a major step toward transforming spaces into high-performance facilities taking a sustainable approach to performance while creating environments that are healthier, more comfortable, and efficient.

AtmosAir is deployed in 75+ major sports & entertainment venues worldwide.