The Sioux Falls School District Installs AtmosAir Coronavirus Deterring Indoor Air Quality Technology

The Sioux Falls School District, Mechanical Sales Inc. SD, and AtmosAir Solutions, a leading global indoor air quality solutions provider, announced the recent installation of bi-polar ionization in all of the district’s 23 elementary schools, five middle schools, five high schools, and Southeast Technical College facilities in Sioux Falls.

AtmosAir’s bi-polar ionization is an active continuous disinfection technology that combats coronavirus in the air and on surfaces through the use of ions that bind with pathogens and render them harmless, which will add an important safety layer for Sioux Falls’ education spaces.

The goal is to make all Sioux Falls schools safer for students, faculty and staff by creating a healthier indoor environment. The installation project was completed the first week of January 2021. Mechanical Sales Inc. SD of Sioux Falls is the local AtmosAir representative and managed the installation of the systems.

“Air quality has long been a consideration of the Sioux Falls School District,” said Director of Operational Services for the District Jeff Kreiter. “The COVID-19 virus heightened our awareness of the need for a superior air filtration system. Thanks to federal funding made available to schools, we were able to install this technology in every building in the Sioux Falls School District. This investment is one that will not only neutralize coronavirus, but the flu virus, and many other airborne concerns out there. Our highest priority is the health and safety of all students and staff. This system adds one more layer to their protection.”

“Clean, healthy air in schools is of crucial importance to students, faculty, staff and their families, as well as the greater Sioux Falls community,” said Steve Levine, President, AtmosAir Solutions. “We are proud to partner with the Sioux Falls School District to add this important extra layer of protection against the coronavirus and other potential contaminants for the long term.”

According to Levine AtmosAir’s continuous disinfection, bi-polar ionization technology has been proven to be more 99% effective in neutralizing coronavirus in the air and on surfaces. Tests performed by Microchem Laboratory, one of the world’s preeminent laboratories for testing sanitizing products registered by the EPA and FDA, confirmed that the presence of coronavirus was reduced by 99.92 percent within 30 minutes of exposure to AtmosAir’s BPI technology.

AtmosAir Solutions BPI devices are in use in hundreds of K-12 schools throughout the country, in addition to a range of colleges and universities, including USC, Northwestern, Arizona State, UCLA and NYU.

You can see how the technology works here: