Project Abstract

The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC) demanded pristine indoor air quality for its employees in Beijing, China, due to the city’s poor reputation for toxic air quality, pollution, sandstorms and high levels of particulate.

AtmosAir™ designed and installed 7 AtmosAir systems through NRDC’s facility in Beijing, designed specifically to reduce VOCs and PM2.5. VOC exposure is thought to be one of the leading causes of cancer, and PM2.5 particles get lodged in the lungs and cause respiratory issues.

NRDC wanted to verify the effectiveness of the system by installing real time monitors that would measure indoor air quality throughout the day.

Hourly outdoor PM2.5 readings taken from the U.S. Embassy’s PM2.5 monitor, and were plotted against the sampled indoor data to determine the differences between indoor and outdoor levels.

The AtmosAir™ bipolar ionization systems made a large difference to overall indoor air quality. All of the air quality measurements at the facility are within NRDC and government standards.

• Daily PM2.5 Reduction: 81.3%
• Daily PM2.5 outdoor average: 134μg m3
• Daily PM2.5 indoor average: 25 μg/m3
• VOC sampling average: <.12 μg/m3