Project Abstract

AtmosAir tested the difference in indoor air quality in a newly renovated Gensler “Jewel Box” office building in Los Angeles, California, before and after installing our air purification equipment. AtmosAir measured the difference in air quality in typical occupied office conditions.

The AtmosAir™ bipolar ionization systems made a large difference in overall indoor air quality.
The reduction of particulate matter and TVOC was substantial. PM 10 particles are small enough to breathed in and enter into the throat. PM 2.5 particles are small enough to be breathed in and enter the lungs. TVOC are gaseous elements that can cause odors and irritations.

• VOC Reduction: 40%
• PM10 Reduction: 34%
• PM2.5 Reduction: 30%

AtmosAir™ is currently installed in multiple Gensler office facilities and projects around the world. Gensler is the world’s largest architecture firm.