Project Abstract

AtmosAir installed bipolar ionization technology on a trial basis in the locker room area, and after successful testing, throughout the entire training facility. Dallas wanted a reduction in airborne allergens and dangerous bacteria such as Staph and MRSA.

Trainers, staff and players — unaware of the AtmosAir system installation — commented on improved air quality. Trainers distributed fewer medicines for hay fever and allergy symptoms. No MRSA or H1N1 Flu has been reported since system installation. In addition, energy savings from AtmosAir’s bipolar ionization technology were enough to recover system installation cost.

Since the initial trial, Dallas installed AtmosAir throughout the entire 100,000-square-foot training facility, including coaches’ offices, rehab areas, meeting rooms and administrative areas. AtmosAir will also be installed in the newly designed Dallas Training Center in Frisco, Texas, slated to open in 2016.