Ivy Education Group uses AtmosAir to Improve the Air

The administration at Daystar, part of the Ivy Education Group, was preparing to start the school year at their newly renovated campus in Sanlitun, but they realized that the building had a problem with elevated levels of formaldehyde and TVOCs.  Luckily, the teams at Environment Assured and AtmosAir were able to quickly implement a solution over the October Holiday in order to ensure students didn’t miss any school and parents could send their kids to school worry-free.

Formaldehyde along with many other harmful gasses such as benzene, xylene and toluene that fall under the grouping total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) are a common and serious problem for newly renovated spaces, especially schools.  These gasses get released from materials such as paint, flooring, glues, furniture and other products used in renovation.  They are clearly linked to both short term effects such as headaches and nausea as well as longer term effects such as asthma and cancer.  While these gasses have negative effects for everybody, children are especially sensitive.

Following a careful inspection of the school by the team at Environment Assured the teams at AtmosAir and Environment Assured determined that the best solution would be to place two 500F units in each of the four outside air systems serving the school.  This configuration would optimize distribution of the positive and negative oxygen ions from the AtmosAir systems and these ions would subsequently break down the harmful gasses.  This solution was implemented in a very short timeframe and a subsequent air test was done just days following this implementation.  The results of the air test were great.  Over 31 points, formaldehyde averaged less than 1/5th of the national limit and TVOC averaged less than 1/10th of the national limit.  Benzene, toluene and xylene were all undetectable.

Moreover, both administrators and teachers at Daystar commented that “Besides not only removing the strong smells of new renovation, the AtmosAir systems have made the air smell and feel crisp and clean.”