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Hilton’s Five Feet to Fitness Wellness Room

Maintaining structured wellness programs has become a priority for traveling hotel guests, and as a result, hotels are looking for the best ways to provide fitness incentives and options that suit their needs. interviewed Jason Moskal, VP, lifestyle brands at IHG, Americas, in their recent article “What’s inside the next generation of hotel fitness centers.” 

Moskal noted, “Guests want choices and want to be given access to things that allow them to meet their wellness routines on their own terms when they travel.”  In addition to IHG, Marriott, Westin and Hilton are taking part in these new health and fitness additions, be it with larger, tailored fitness centers or actually within their hotel rooms.

This past May 2017, Hilton announced a new guestroom concept, entitled “Five Feet to Fitness,” that lets guests work out in their rooms.  The concept includes an indoor bike from British cycling company Wattbike and a Gym Rax training station with equipment for strength, core, suspension and high-intensity interval training workouts. The rooms also have a meditation chair and blackout shades.

What’s more, is that the Five Feet to Fitness Rooms also include AtmosAir, allowing guests to breathe healthy, clean indoor air during their stay.

In addition to Hilton Hotels, AtmosAir’s hotels and casino projects include various Hyatt Hotels, Kimpton Hotels, Gaylord Hotels, Hard Rock Hotels, and more.

Photo Credit: Hilton/HiltonWellness/Five Feet to Fitness




酒店管理网站(对美洲洲际酒店集团(IHG)的生活方式品牌副总裁Jason Moskal进行了一次专访,具体内容见其最新发布的文章“下一代的酒店健身中心是什么样的?”


希尔顿酒店于2017年5月发布了一个名为“五英尺健身”的新客房概念,让客人在客房内锻炼身体。这个概念囊括了来自英国单车公司Wattbike的一辆室内单车和一个Gym Rax训练站,该训练站配备了力量、核心、悬挂和高强度间歇训练的训练设备。客房还设有冥想椅和遮光帘。