Commercial Workplace Case Study

Euclidean Capital

Euclidean Capital, based out of New York City, is an investment firm that invests in individual & family services management, providing guidance and asset management services.


Euclidean Capital, a top financial company with a high-end office facility in downtown New York City, required an active system to improve indoor air quality that had been compromised by a variety of odors generated by contaminants from cigarette smoke and food. In this case there was also very little space available in the HVAC system, nor was there extra fan power to overcome higher pressure drops that could be imposed by conventional filtration solutions.


A.D.E. Systems, the local Bioclimatic representative, supported Robert Direktor, who, as the consultant, needed to deliver performance with a very small footprint. It was quickly recognized that a photocatalytic oxidation (PCO) system would check all of the boxes for compact size, low resistance and high performance. A PCO air purification section that was only about a foot deep and with a pressure drop of under 0.10” w.c was added.

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