Defeating Pink Mold: Prevention, Removal, and Recommended Products

Pink mold, scientifically known as Serratia marcescens, is not actually a mold but a type of bacteria that commonly appears as pink or reddish-pink slimy growth on surfaces. It thrives in damp and warm environments, particularly in areas with mineral deposits. Pink mold is often found in bathrooms, showers, and other moist areas where it […]

Measles Outbreaks on the Rise

According to the CDC, there has been an increased report of Measles cases in the US recently. Measles is spread from coughing or sneezing, etc from an infected person. It can be contracted airborne or if a person touches a surface where the virus has fallen. Measles can live up to 2 hours in the […]

ASHRAE Updates Energy Efficiency Standard for Existing Buildings

Dive Brief: ASHRAE released the latest edition of its energy efficiency standard for existing buildings Jan. 17, expanding its focus on building decarbonization. Updates in Standard 100-2024, the Energy and Emissions Building Performance Standard for Existing Buildings, include new metrics for setting greenhouse gas emissions targets, requirements to establish energy management plans and achieve energy and […]

IFMA Releases New North America Operations & Maintenance Benchmarking Report

As the most trusted global provider of benchmarking metrics for the facility management (FM) industry, the International Facility Management Association (IFMA) today released its latest North America Operations and Maintenance (O&M) Benchmarking Report. The report provides benchmarks in three major facility categories: janitorial, maintenance and utilities, as well as detailed performance benchmarks by a number […]

ASHRAE’s Standard 241: A Health & Wellness Game Changer for Building Owners

By Tony Abate Few events had more impact on commercial building owners than the Coronavirus pandemic. In 2020 as the COVID pandemic rapidly expanded into all parts of daily life, many building operators were left uninformed and unaware of what to do to help protect occupants from the spread of airborne illness. So, for many, […]

Brief on ASHRAE’s Standard 241

In late 2022, the White House contacted ASHRAE to help prepare for the upcoming expiration of Title 42 (in May 2023) and the end of the COVID public health emergency. The government tasked ASHRAE with the job of creating guidance on how to operate buildings in a way to help prevent the spread of airborne […]