AtmosAir in Tower 45 Displayed in Wall Street Journal

Tower 45 is one of New York’s most prestigious commercial spaces, touted for its use of breakthrough air purification technology that provides a healthy, happy and more productive work environment. The building’s owner, Kamber Management, along with the exclusive leasing agent Avision Young, recently featured AtmosAir in an ad in The Wall Street Journal, promoting the benefits of clean workplace air. AtmosAir Purification and AtmosAware IEQ monitoring systems are installed throughout Tower 45’s 460,000-square-foot, Class A Building at 120 West 45th Street.

Indoor air matters. Americans spend 93% of their time indoors. Studies show that employees who reported that the air in their workplace is “always fresh” were 3.5 times more likely to also report that their work environment is ‘energizing.’ They also had nearly 20% fewer sick days than workers who reported a stuffy and stale environment.

Buildings in our cities are surrounded by air pollution; and indoor air can be even worse, with molds, dust, chemical off-gassing and other pollutants that accumulate inside the enclosed building. Measuring the air quality in our work spaces and providing enhanced air purification is an important factor in maintaining a healthy and motivated workforce. It’s also a boon to building owners, managers and leasing agents, as companies increasingly seek office spaces that offer pollution-free, allergen-free air. Research has shown that having a workplace environment centered on wellness is critical to young leaders and millennials.

Avison Young and Kamber Management understand that clean air is a commodity everyone should be conscious of, and they are actively promoting their use of AtmosAir Solutions in their ads in in the Wall Street Journal, Crain’s and the New York Post.

Tower 45, which is also the home of the great steakhouse Bobby Van’s, is among the most innovative buildings when it comes to offering purified air, and other buildings are rapidly following suit. After all, what could be more important than the air we breathe?

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‘Tower 45’大楼安装AtmosAir空气净化系统”登上《华尔街日报》




















“Tower 45”是纽约最负盛名的商业空间之一,为吸引更多公司入驻,其在大楼内部安装突破性的空气净化技术,从而打造一个健康、快乐以及效率更高的工作环境。该大楼业主Kamber Management公司,和独家租赁代理Avision Young公司,最近在《华尔街日报》的一则广告中推出了AtmosAir空气净化系统,对工作场所拥有洁净空气的益处进行了推荐。Tower 45在其位于西45大街120号的A级大楼内部,安装了AtmosAir空气净化系统和AtmosAware室内环境质量监测系统,覆盖区域约46万立方英尺(13026立方米)。



Avison Young和Kamber Management明白干净的空气是每个人都应该了解的一种商品,因此他们在《华尔街日报》,《克瑞恩商业周刊》和《纽约邮报》中发布广告,积极推广他们正在使用的、AtmosAir所提供的空气净化解决方案。

“Tower 45”是第一批提供空气净化的创新型建筑物,著名的Bobby Van’s牛排馆也座落其中,后来其他大楼也紧随其后纷纷效仿。毕竟,还有什么比我们呼吸的空气更重要的呢?