AtmosAir Project Profile: Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

The Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater (AAADT), an acclaimed modern dance company and school, has installed AtmosAir air purification technology in their dance theater located on the Upper West Side of New York City. The system provides AAADT’s staff, dancers, and school with a healthy, energizing environment while also reducing the organizations operational energy expenditures.

Dancers are elite athletes, and having fresh, pure air helps keep them healthy and in top form.  Another of the benefits of including AtmosAir in a retrofit project like that undertaken by the Ailey organization includes operational costs savings from reducing utility expenditures.

“Ailey’s building was outfitted with AtmosAir to enhance the air quality while saving energy,” explained Mike Canarozzi, Facility Director at the Ailey organization. “I have found that not only am I saving significant dollars when it comes to our utility expenditures, but that my filters and systems are much cleaner. I have noticed a 20% reduction in my fan speed after using AtmosAir, as the combination of cleaner filters and reduced outside air requires less fan horsepower. Another benefit we’ve observed is a reduction in  filter costs by at least 50%. In some cases there were filters that needed replacement every 3 to 6 months, and with AtmosAir these units now require changes every 12 to 18 months. We have a pleasantly clean air environment, something which could otherwise be challenging in our busy Midtown West location, and we certainly have less of an energy spend.”

Founded by Alvin Ailey in 1958, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, one of the world’s most popular dance companies, is currently led by artistic director Robert Battle.  Ailey’s performances, programs and classes for all emanate from a permanent home – The Joan Weill Center for Dance – New York’s largest building dedicated to dance.

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AtmosAir项目档案:Alvin Ailey美国舞蹈剧场

Alvin Ailey美国舞蹈剧场(AAADT),是一家著名的经营现代舞的企业和学校,其位于纽约上西区的舞蹈剧院内,安装了AtmosAir空气净化系统。该系统为Alvin Ailey美国舞蹈剧场的工作人员,舞者以及整个学校提供了健康,活力的环境,同时还减少了公司运营方面的能源开支。


“Ailey楼内安装AtmosAir后,空气质量提高,能源消耗减少,” Ailey舞团的设施总监Mike Canarozzi解释说,“我发现,不仅在我们的公用事业费方面节省了大量美元开支,过滤器和设备系统也都干净许多。我注意到,使用AtmosAir后,风扇的速度降低了20%,这是因为过滤器更干净且新风需求量减少,从而降低了风扇的功率。我们观察到的另一个好处是过滤器的开支降低了至少50%。在某些情况下,过滤器每3到6个月就需要更换一次,而安装AtmosAir后,这些设备现在只需要每12到18个月更换一次。幸亏我们现在拥有一个充满纯净空气的宜人环境,否则我们会因身处在这繁忙喧嚣的西中城而面临挑战,而且我们确实节省了能源开支。”

由Alvin Ailey在1958年成立的Alvin Ailey美国舞蹈剧场,是全球最受欢迎的舞蹈公司之一,目前团队由艺术总监Robert Battle带领。Ailey舞团的演出、节目和所有课程都来自于永恒之家——Joan Weill舞蹈中心——纽约最大的舞蹈专用建筑。