AtmosAir Installed at 70 Million Dollar University of Colorado, Colorado Springs Ent Center for the Arts

University of Colorado, Colorado Springs (UCCS) Ent Center for the Arts is nearing its scheduled January 2018 completion. The 8,500-square meter arts center boasts five venues, rehearsal studios, classrooms, practice rooms, balconies and gardens. The unique building intentionally looks different from existing architecture on the UCCS campus.

“Part of it is that the campus really wants to create a gateway,” said Chris Wineman, principal of Semple Brown architects of Denver, which designed the Ent Center. “It’s a highly visible marker because this is going to be an area of growth for UCCS, and because the building is going to serve the public and the students. They didn’t feel it had to have the same brick as buildings on campus. It could be a departure.” Community partners that hope to use the center include Colorado Springs Dance Theatre, Colorado Springs Children’s Chorale, Chamber Orchestra of the Springs and Colorado Springs Youth Symphony, among many others.

Despite being located over 1 mile above sea level in the beautiful, mountainous Colorado Springs, the designers still wanted to consider for the indoor air quality issues that may still arise, even in these pristine outdoor conditions. UCCS management took into consideration the success of AtmosAir with providing reduced odor, allergen and bacteria environments for performers in similar locations such as the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater and multiple training facilities for college and professional athletes throughout the US. AtmosAir has been installed throughout the building to make the space immediately able to be occupied following renovation by removing VOCs and odors. On an ongoing basis, they are excited about AtmosAir reducing allergens and bacteria that may impact the comfort and performance of their performers and audiences.

Design of the UCCS Ent Center for the Arts is led by H3 Hardy Collaboration Architecture, New York, with Semple Brown Design, Denver, serving as the architect of record. JE Dunn Construction, Colorado Springs, is general contractor for the building. Bryan Construction, Colorado Springs, was general contractor overseeing the design/build of the infrastructure improvements.

If you have questions about improving the air in your space, please give me a call at 13764254141.



设计这座艺术中心的是丹佛Semple Brown建筑设计事务所,负责人Chris Wineman说道:“设计理念的部分初衷是因为校方想创建一个门户,而艺术中心将会成为一个夺人眼球的标志性建筑,这不仅是因为它将成为提升校园形象的一个增长领域,而且还能为公众和学生提供服务,他们并不觉得这座艺术中心非得和校园内其他建筑物长得一样。或许这将成为一个崭新的开端。”届时希望使用该艺术中心的社区合作伙伴包括:科罗拉多斯普林斯舞蹈剧院、科罗拉多斯普林斯儿童合唱团、斯普林斯室内乐团,和科罗拉多斯普林斯青春交响乐团等等。

尽管学校位于海拔超过1600米以上的美丽山城科罗拉多斯普林斯市,然而设计师们担心的室内空气质量问题,即使在如此原始的室外环境条件下,也依旧有可能出现。校方管理层考虑到,AtmosAir空气净化系统曾经成功地在类似环境中降低了异味、过敏原和细菌,譬如Alvin Ailey美国舞蹈剧院和全美各大学院以及职业运动员的训练场馆。AtmosAir在艺术中心的安装覆盖其所有内部区域,通过去除挥发性有机化合物和异味,使艺术中心在装修完成后可以马上投入使用。对于AtmosAir能够持续降低过敏原和细菌,校方表示很期待,届时表演者发挥将更出色,观众的舒适度也会得到提升。

艺术中心的设计由纽约H3 Hardy合作建筑事务所主导,丹佛Semple Brown建筑设计事务所负责执行。建筑总承包商为科罗拉多斯普林斯JE Dunn建筑公司。负责监督基础设施改进的设计/建造的总承包商是科罗拉多斯普林斯Bryan建筑公司。