AtmosAir Featured at DUBAI IEQ Forum 2018

This past May 3rd, 2018, team members from AtmosAir, appeared and spoke at the 5th Annual Edition of the World IEQ forum at the University of Dubai. This exhibition provides a platform for discussing challenges, exchanging knowledge, and presenting innovations relevant to the IEQ. The IEQ is a multi-discipline subject where engineers, scientists, physicians as well as regulators play important roles and contribute to shape the development of indoor air quality issues.

Appearing among some of the most prominent energy-efficient companies and suppliers, team members from AtmosAir showcased the company’s newest clients in the UAE as well as recent advancements to our technologies and how AtmosAir continues to foster better IEQ in the Kingdom.

Vice-President of Sales & Marketing, Carlos Gendron, also touched upon the reoccurring theme that the forum centered on, ‘How do we balance the need for greater energy-efficiency with the demand for better indoor air quality?’ Gendron noted, “I had been looking for an opportunity for 2-3 years to speak in front of such a targeted audience of IEQ/IAQ/Sustainability focused decision-makers. I had a great connection with the audience, got lots of very good questions, and had a really good chance to make an impression of the role that AtmosAir could play in that market. A lot of people came up afterwards to discuss following up and engaging in various pilot projects to test and validate the concepts I presented (saving energy by reducing Outside Air), as well as the benefits our BPI technology can deliver.”

It was a honor to exhibit and speak during the Forum as the UAE is definitely on the right track to adopting technology that gives back to cleaner nature. Director of Health and Safety Development, Dubai Municipality, Redha H. Salmon notes, “The IEQ forum is the right answer for the fast evolvement and continued development of the technical areas within the IEQ which require such platforms.”