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NYU’s Langone Medical Center Dr. Phil Tierno talks about his experience testing and analyzing the AtmosAir air purification system.

Atmos Testimonial – Dr. Phil Tierno from Brian Levine on Vimeo.

From restaurants to pro sports locker rooms to homes, AtmosAir is making a difference in the way people live.

Our customers report noticeable improvements in indoor air quality — so noticeable that offensive odors, allergic reactions and dangerous, disease-causing particles have simply disappeared. Don’t take our word for it — read our testimonials and see for yourself why you need AtmosAir in your business and home.

AtmosAir was installed first in Jim Maurer’s home. Jim is the head athletic trainer of the Dallas Cowboys. After Jim’s success at home, we had the system installed in the locker rooms, training rooms, meeting rooms and rehab areas of the training center. The players, coaches and athletic trainers noticed an immediate difference. In fact, some of our players that have allergies commented that they could breathe easier and the air was fresher and cleaner with no odors. For a locker room, that was amazing to hear…Last year we also installed the system in my home…I can personally attest the system really works.

Stephen JonesExecutive Vice President, COO, Dallas Cowboys Football Club

This unit practically takes care of itself. There’s no continual maintenance, no filters to keep changing or units to clean…Poor air quality can be especially troublesome for a business like ours, but now our customers enjoy crisp, fresh air while patronizing our casino…Recent customer comments [include], ‘my clothes don’t smell like smoke,’ ‘I sometimes forget that smoking is allowed in this building because the air quality is so good,’ and ‘thank you for caring about your customers enough to do something.’ Those comments alone are my return on investment.

Tim BrooksOwner, Emerald Island Casino

As you know, our Brasserie downstairs has been a challenge from day 1, in maintaining good air quality for our guests and employees, due to its location below grade, in a less-than-pristine NYC environment. From the day we tested the AtmosAir system, we noticed a HUGE improvement in the removal of foul odors, but also a significant improvement in air quality and comfort for our working employees! We couldn’t believe it!

Soraya Jaeger-LarsonGeneral Manager, La Esquina, NYC

Air quality in Hope Lake Lodge and Indoor Water Park is of the utmost importance to maintain our guest satisfaction at the highest level possible…The AtmosAir Matterhorn has maintained clean air quality in the hotel and the 500 series installed in the water park have virtually eliminated chlorine odors and maintained a clean air environment. I would recommend the AtmosAir system to other lodges and hotels that are looking at options to improve air quality. Your product does truly deliver.

Sam KrygerVP of Operations and Real Estate Development, Greek Peak Mountain Resort

Our grandson’s allergy condition evaporated almost overnight. He has gone four days without medication and his eyes and nose are no longer red and leaky. My daughter-in-law has stopped taking allergy medication, and her sinus headaches have disappeared.

Joe WilbanksHomeowner, Atlanta, Ga.

As an American expat living in the industrial Chinese city of Jinan, my AtmosAir filter was a savior! Despite the constant barrage of air pollution outside, my apartment was a sanctuary of clean air…Breathing is believing!

Danielle LusierHomeowner, Jinan, China

I had several floods in my basement in the last few years…I was very concerned when I noticed a black mold growing up my walls…I decided to purchase the AtmosAirto see what would happen. I put it in the basement and turned it on — went back a few days later and found that much of the mold was remediated. What a godsend! It also has taken away that damp musty smell that you get in basements.

Carol StoppelHomeowner, Danbury, Conn.

Don’t you deserve to breathe the cleanest possible air? There is an AtmosAir™ solution for your home or business.