AtmosAir cited by the Center for Active Design for its COVID prevention technology

According to the Center for Active Design, the Real Estate Industry Can Help Reduce Coronavirus Transmission by filtering its indoor air. AtmosAir Solutions helped guide the development of Fitwel Certification System’s air quality strategies, and has developed technology designed to sanitize air and surfaces through the release of bi-polar ions.

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What to expect the next time you fly — changes airlines have made in response to the coronavirus pandemic

Airlines and airports have been forced to pivot during the coronavirus pandemic. Flying is not what it used to be.  Business Insider reports on the many large airports that have installed AtmosAir’s bipolar ionization technology to neutralize pathogens.

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Used in large-scale ventilation systems worldwide, bipolar ionization could be a secret weapon in the war against COVID-19

Business Insider reports that Bipolar ionization is experiencing a surge in popularity as the coronavirus pandemic fans concerns about air quality and technology like that provided by AtmosAir is a deterrent to the spread of viruses in hospitals.

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Coronavirus has NYC buildings eyeing new cleanliness and security protocols

NYC building owners are creating new cleanliness and security protocols amid fears that pandemics like COVID-19 could become part of the new normal. The NY Post reports on AtmosAir’s bipolar ionization devices and how they prevent the spread of viruses in the air and on surfaces, making office safer.

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