AtmosSmart Launches in Singapore

In April 2017, AtmosAir, along with technology partner in Singapore, Techbridge Ventures, was awarded a research grant from Jurong Town Corporation (JTC). One of the deliverables of the grant was to further develop AtmosSmart, the first smart bi polar ionization system that strengthens AtmosAir’s leadership position with respect to air purification and Measurement and Verification. […]

California Cannabis Market Utilizes AtmosAir BiPolar Ionization

With California’s cannabis markets now being regulated by the government, AtmosAir’s technologies are helping legal cannabis provider’s greater efficiencies and increased crop yields at lower costs than other comparable methods of cultivation. Lowering costs of production is critical as cultivators are facing a commoditized market of surplus inventory.

Recent reports by SF Gate and CBS News state that ‘California may have as much as eight times more cannabis supply than demand.  Supply and demand fluctuations will be a very real challenge for growers in California, just as they have been in Washington State, Oregon and Colorado.’  

Many grower’s businesses will not be able to survive given these new restrictions, thus it is vital to invest in an air filtration system that will help increase supply and reduce costs on additional expenses with cooling and air ventilation.

One particular AtmosAir California client to note is Micro Lab Farms.  One of the key components of Micro Lab Farms is AtmosAir’s patented Bipolar Ionization system,   the system neutralizes many chemical compounds and VOCs, sterilizes mold and bacteria, and reduces energy bills – because instead of paying for heating and cooling, growers can recycle conditioned, purified air instead.  

As seen in a recent Market Insider article, President of Micro Lab Farms, Terry Ubl notes, “Our system can mean the difference between success and failure.  With our sealed environment, water use is reduced by 90%, fertilizer use is reduced by 80%, energy use is a fraction of other methods, and pests and mold are virtually eliminated.”


How Flu Really Spreads and How to Help Prevent it with Proper Indoor Air Quality

According to Time Magazine, this flu season in particular, has been one of the worst the United States has seen in over a decade.  Even getting a flu shot is no guarantee you won’t end up with the flu that everyone seems to be getting this year, and it definitely doesn’t protect against the common cold.

Dr. Andrew Weil notes, “People who have the flu can pass it around just by breathing – no coughing or sneezing required.  This news comes from a [University of Maryland] study showing that droplets of infectious virus breathed into the air by people with flu stay suspended for minutes, even hours.”

Weil advises patients to ‘wash your hands frequently, avoid contact with people who have the flu, keep your hands away from your face and eyes, and if you’re sick, stay at home, drink adequate amounts of fluids and get plenty of rest.’

In addition, new non-pharmaceutical ways of preventing the flu are on the horizon, beginning with proper indoor air quality.

Equipping an air handler or HVAC system with an AtmosAir Bipolar Ionization system can help reduce certain biological organisms such as spores, bacteria and even the tiniest viruses.

Cleaner air and better indoor air quality represent a major step in transforming facilities into high performance buildings that tie to the organizational mission of a hospital or business. High performance buildings take a whole building approach to performance while creating spaces that are reliable, safe, healthy, comfortable and efficient.

AtmosAir Bi Polar Ionization systems, as demonstrated in our numerous healthcare projects, provide a unique hybrid of air purification: particle filtration, VOC filtration, and airborne virus filtration.