AtmosAir’s Bi-Polar Ionization System Reduces Employee Sickness, Absenteeism

September 8, 2016

Brian Levine
203 335-3700

New Video Tells the Whole Story

LOS ANGELES — “You’ve probably heard someone say, ‘I’m going outside to get some fresh air’ – as if the inside air isn’t fresh. Right? Well often, it’s not”

So begins a new video that tells the story of how untreated indoor air, when emptied of such impurities as allergens, bacteria and other pollutants, dramatically reduces the workplace sickness and absenteeism that are so costly to employers.

“As healthy buildings become more important and validation programs are given increased weight, businesses are focusing on the significant benefits of providing the cleanest possible air for their employees,” said Steve Levine, Chief Executive Officer of AtmosAir.

“Bi-polar ionization, which the AtmosAir system uses to proactively purify the air inside a building, enables people to breathe air such as you’ll find on a mountaintop,” Levine added.

The video – designed and produced by the global architecture, design and planning firm, Gensler – explains how AtmosAir makes building systems more sustainable by recycling the cleanest indoor air possible and reducing outside air intake. That dramatically lowers energy costs and removes up to 95 percent of ultra-fine particles and up to 90 percent of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

The AtmosAir system can reduce HVAC systems’ size by as much as 15 percent, with associated savings of up to 30 percent on HVAC electrical costs, the video states.

It adds that the system has an average three-year installation cost payback and contributes to meeting the LEED standard of the U.S. Green Building Council.


The AtmosAir system is making the air cleaner and healthier for many organizations around the globe:

  • Gensler
  • Tower 45 Office Building, Manhattan
  • Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, Manhattan
  • Carnegie Hall, Manhattan
  • Staples Center, Los Angeles
  • National Resource Defense Council, Beijing
  • University of Southern California
  • Rush Street Gaming Casinos
  • Numerous military installations in the U.S.
  • Dallas Cowboys Headquarters and Training Facilities, Dallas
  • UBS, Stamford CT and Nashville
  • Hilton Hotels and Resorts
  • Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino, Tampa
  • Chicago Cubs Training Facilities
  • TD Garden, Boston
  • LAX Airport, Los Angles
  • John Wooden Center, UCLA

The new AtmosAir video can be viewed at: