USC’s McKay Center turns on new Indoor Air Quality System to keep athletes and staff healthy in training and locker rooms

LOS ANGELES (March 28, 2013) –  The University of Southern California and AtmosAir Solutions today announced that the John McKay Center’s new Green, clean indoor air quality system is operational and helping to protect athletes and staff from illness and infections.

The McKay Center’s new indoor air quality (IAQ) system from AtmosAir Solutions of Fairfield, CT. is designed to significantly reduce mold, dust, odors, control bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduce airborne particles and germs that get past normal ventilation and filtration systems. The goal: to keep USC athletes healthy and on the playing field while also protecting coaches and trainers from illness and infection. The indoor air quality system is also designed to reduce building operation costs.

“We’re very excited about our indoor air quality system going operational in the McKay Center,” said AtmosAir Solutions President Steve Levine. “We know from others who have installed our product – the Staples Center, Dallas Cowboys, Kansas City Chiefs, Jacksonville Jaguars, Seattle Mariners, and University of Richmond – that their athletes and staff stay healthier and feel better when they train in their facilities.”

Staph infections at athletic training facilities are often traced to contact with bacteria. Treating surfaces is generally temporary. A more permanent fix is installing IAQ systems that rid the root of these infections over extended time and help insure athletes remain healthy germ free and on the playing field instead of the injured list.

“We’re very pleased to again attend the Advanced Energy conference and looking forward to Tony’s speech,” said Levine. “The show is a wonderful showcase for the production of clean energy and renewable sources and a perfect place to demonstrate how our product line can provide fresh, healthy indoor air to a residence or commercial building.”

USC head athletic trainer Russ Romano is enthused with the new indoor air purification system in the new facility is an avid advocate for helping keep athletes and staff healthier with purified clean indoor air.

About the John McKay Center:

The 110,000-square foot John McKay opened in August, 2012, and is named in honor of USC’s most successful football coach, the legendary John McKay, who won four national championships at USC before becoming the first head coach of the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The facility houses meeting rooms, coaches offices and a locker room for the football program, as well as an academic center, weight room, athletic training room and state-of-the-art digital media production facility for all of USC’s 21 sports.

About AtmosAir Solutions:

AtmosAir Solutions of Fairfield, CT. markets and installs indoor air purification products for commercial businesses, sports venues and hospitals. These air purification systems reduce mold, dust, odors and control bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, particles and germs that get past normal ventilation and filtration systems and can cause illness and infections. These devices – installed in existing or new air conditioning/heating systems – actually replicate fresh mountaintop air indoors. Businesses that install these devices promote better health, save energy and reduce facility costs. Albert Einstein pioneered the AtmosAir Solutions technology. More information is available at: