Tony Abate of AtmosAirTM Solutions to speak at Advanced Energy 2012 Conference

FAIRFIELD, CT.  October 17, 2012 –  Tony Abate, Vice President Operations of AtmosAir™ Solutions will be a guest speaker at the Advanced Energy 2012 conference on Oct. 31 at The Jacob Javits Center in New York City.

Abate’s speech, entitled Air Purification for Healthy Energy Efficient Buildings, will address how Green, clean indoor air systems not only enhance indoor air quality and improve health, but also save energy and money for businesses.

Steve Levine, President and CEO of AtmosAir™ Solutions of Fairfield, CT said the company will also have an exhibit (booth number 324) at Advanced Energy 2012, an industry-wide event dealing with clean energy production that will be held Oct 30-31.

Advanced Energy has evolved into the premier conference of its kind in the northeast and is organized by the Advanced Energy Center at Stony Brook University. Now in its 6th consecutive year, the Advanced Energy Conference has attracted thousands of participants from industry, government and academia, and brought them together with innovators and leaders from every area of energy research.

“We’re very pleased to again attend the Advanced Energy conference and looking forward to Tony’s speech,” said Levine. “The show is a wonderful showcase for the production of clean energy and renewable sources and a perfect place to demonstrate how our product line can provide fresh, healthy indoor air to a residence or commercial building.”

AtmosAir™ Solutions markets and installs bi-polar ionization air quality purification products for business, homes, sports facilities and hospitals that eliminate mold, dust, odors, control bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduce airborne particles and germs that bypass normal ventilation and filtration systems. These devices – installed in existing or new air conditioning/heating systems – actually replicate fresh mountaintop air indoors.

Those who install the air purification devices in homes say they breathe easier, sleep better and notice an elimination of dust particles, mold, odors, mildew and bacteria. Families who have allergy or asthma sufferers often notice an immediate improvement in their conditions. And AtmosAir™ devices help eliminate Sick Building Syndrome (SBS).

In an office or industrial setting, SBS reduces worker productivity and can also increase absenteeism due to illness. SBS symptoms include headaches; eye, nose, and throat irritation; a dry cough; dry or itchy skin; dizziness and nausea; difficulty in concentrating; fatigue; and sensitivity to odors. Those who suffer often feel relief soon after leaving the building.

About AtmosAir™ Solutions

AtmosAir™ Solutions of Fairfield, CT. provides bi-polar ionization air purification products that significantly reduce mold, dust, odors, control bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduce airborne particles and germs that get past normal ventilation and filtration systems, in professional sports facilities, homes and businesses. The company’s technology involves an all-natural process and produces no harmful by-products such as ozone or ultraviolet light, commonly found in many other products. More information is at

About The Advanced Energy Research and Technology Center

Headquartered at Stony Brook University, the Advanced Energy Research & Technology Center is a true partnership of academic institutions, research institutions, energy providers and industrial corporations. The AERTC works to develop advanced cutting-edge technologies to explore new ways for the production of clean energy, enhancing production from renewable sources, and finding efficient methods for distribution and storage of energy with minimal impact on local ecosystems. Its mission is innovative energy research, education and technology deployment with a focus on efficiency, conservation, renewable energy and nanotechnology applications for new and novel sources of energy and to strengthen partnerships among the business, government and academic sectors, to help move toward a sustainable energy future that strengthens the economy, the environment and policy at all levels of government. More information is at:

Bronx Community College Students Will Stay Healthy

Bronx Community College Students Will Stay Healthy with AtmosAir Solutions Indoor Air System in the new Campus Library

FAIRFIELD, CT.  October 15, 2012 –  The new Bronx Community College library is open for business and students can rest assured that they will not only have access to a wonderful new resource, but the air inside their new facility will help keep them healthy and prevent illness during the cold and flu season.

AtmosAir™ Solutions of Fairfield, CT. installed its Green, clean, indoor air systems into the new building to help prevent illness and infections among staff and students.

“It’s no surprise that students are susceptible to getting sick during the school year,” said Steve Levine, President and CEO of AtmosAir™ solutions. “Our clean indoor air systems will circulate mountaintop quality air throughout the facility and help prevent mold, dust, odors, bacteria and airborne viruses from making the students ill.”

Bronx Community College of the City University of New York officially opened its brand new 98,600 square-foot, three-story library on September 21. For details about the opening click here

Poor Indoor Air in a Home Can cause Winter Illness

Poor Indoor Air in a Home Can cause Winter Illness
The air in your home can make you sick this winter.

FAIRFIELD, CT.  October 9, 2012 –  Poor indoor air quality, when windows are sealed shut and heat is circulating throughout a home, can create an environment and cause sickness from the dreaded flu to the common cold.

Tony Abate, Vice President Operations at AtmosAir Solutions and a Certified Indoor Environmentalist as designated by the Indoor Air Quality Association and the American Air Quality Council, offers the following tips to help stay healthy in your home this Winter:

• Air Purification. Sealing up doors and windows and upgrading insulation are great for the heating bill but bad for your health as we re-circulate stale air and contaminants over and over. There are many great new technologies like bi-polar ionization that can remove the contaminants from indoor air that can affect us.

• Airborne Viruses. Everyone knows colds and flu are more prominent in winter. This is not because it’s cold out, but because we are spending more time inside, in tightly sealed spaces and are more likely to spread airborne illness to one another. Purifying your indoor air and ventilating can help reduce the spread of airborne illnesses.

• Mold. When a cold surface meets warm air, condensation can occur and moisture breeds mold. Be sure insulation and vapor barriers are installed correctly and voids don’t exist that will allow the cold exterior of the home to meet the warmed inside surfaces. Molds produce many symptoms such as allergies, etc. that can affect health.

• Chemical Gasses and Odors. The average home contains over 25 gallons of hazardous chemicals according to the EPA. These can range from being odorous, to being irritating and making you sick. In a closed up winter home these gasses can concentrate. Be aware of keeping cleaners, etc in well ventilated spaces and away from living spaces.

• Be Careful with Humidifiers. Many families purchase humidifiers to treat the dry winter air which can produce dry eyes, throats, etc. It is essential to perform regular cleaning and maintenance on these units. Moist warm air is a perfect breeding ground for molds and bacteria which can affect health.

• Environmental Stress. These stressors can produce real physical ailments. Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is one that affects many people during the darker winter season with depression, fatigue, loss of appetite, sleep disorders, etc. Maximize sunlight exposure and light indoor spaces brightly to minimize these affects. Also bi-polar air ionization has been shown to be beneficial to counter the symptoms of SAD.

• Fresh Air. The EPA states that indoor air is 2 to 5 times worse than outdoor air. Letting some outdoor air in can be quite helpful to reduce indoor contaminants. Also there are many systems that can integrate with heating systems that can bring in pre-conditioned outdoor air which can improve air quality and energy efficiency.

• Keep the House Clean. It is important to pay special attention to cleaning surfaces, floors, furnishings, carpets, etc. to combat odors and the spread of bacteria, viruses and germs. Use non-toxic cleaners to avoid airborne chemical irritant build-up.

• Have Your Furnace Checked. It is important to have your furnace checked before heating season begins. Damaged or poorly operating heating systems can emit carbon monoxide, an odorless deadly gas. Also be sure to have a carbon monoxide detector installed to detect and alert to the presence of carbon monoxide.

• Keep the Air Moving. Most heating systems will blow the heated air into the room when the thermostat calls for heat; otherwise the system is off completely. Most systems have a “fan on” option which allows the fan to operate whether the heat is needed or not. This will help air quality as filtration and air purification systems only work when there is air movement. Moving the air will also help to keep it healthy.

About AtmosAir™ Solutions:
AtmosAir™ Solutions markets and installs Green, clean bi-polar ionization indoor air devices for business, homes, hospitals, casinos, schools and sports arenas that eliminate mold, dust, odors, controls bacteria and the spread of airborne viruses, and reduces airborne particles and germs that bypass normal ventilation and filtration systems. These devices actually replicate fresh mountaintop air indoors. Details are at