World Green Building Council Ranks Indoor Air Quality as #1 Feature for Healthier Offices — AtmosAir Delivers!













Why the increase in sickness during the winter season?  There are several contributing factors – the most common being that people tend to stay indoors when the temperatures get colder.  This allows people to be in closer contact with each other and therefore makes it easier to pass viruses from person to person.

AtmosAir’s indoor air purification system makes it possible for people to live healthier lifestyles at home and in their offices despite increases in winter sicknesses!

Utilizing groundbreaking active ionization technology, AtmosAir’s system features sustainable ion tubes positioned in HVAC equipment or supply air ducts, that when combined with air flow, distribute negative and positive ions.  These ions then travel into our breathing space to break down allergens, bacteria and cancer-causing gaseous elements. Once these harmful particles drop out of one’s breathing range, one’s breathing environment is essentially left pollution free!

Unlike most air purification systems, AtmosAir seeks out and neutralizes the contaminants at their source: continuous disinfection!  This is vastly superior to most air purification methods because AtmosAir works “in the space” where we work and play.

A recent World Green Building Council (WBGC) paper showed if the human benefits of a green building could be reliably quantified, it would prove beyond all doubt the excellent return on investments for building sustainable facilities. Considering that staff costs, including salaries and benefits, typically account for about 90 percent of business operating costs, what may appear a modest improvement in employee health or productivity can have a huge positive financial implication for employers. This is many times larger than any other financial savings associated with an efficiently designed and operated building.

So why recycle old oxygen when you can improve the air that you’re already breathing?  AtmosAir doesn’t wait for pollutants to find their way into a filter or circulate around a conference like other purifiers, but instead uses cutting edge technology to seek out and neutralize contaminants at their source.  While inhaling and exhaling may be out of our control, AtmosAir makes it easy to control the air your employees breathe while improving their productivity.