AtmosAir’s Tony Abate named Vice-Chairman of ASHRAE Committee SSPC 145


AtmosAir Solutions’ VP of Operations, Tony Abate, was recently named the vice chair of ASHRAE Committee: SSPC 145, Test Method for Assessing the Performance of Gas-Phase Air Cleaning Equipment.

SSPC 145 is working towards an ASHRAE standardized test method to rate the performance of air cleaners such as AtmosAir so they can be included in test method 145.2.

This group developed and oversees ASHRAE’s testing method 145.1 and 145.2.

Tony also serve’s on ASHRAE Committee TC 2.3, Gaseous Contaminants Removal Equipment, research subcommittee, and is chair of a special project to help develop a test method for reactive air cleaners.

Tony has served as Vice President of Operations of Clean Air Group since its inception in 2007. He brings significant HVAC, air quality testing and environmental analysis experience to Clean Air Group, including prior experience testing and designing air purification solutions for the US Army, JP Morgan Chase, Norwegian Cruise Lines, school districts, professional sports teams and various Fortune 500 companies.

Tony is a Certified Mold Inspector and trained IAQ professional, while also serving on a USGBC sub-committee dedicated to indoor air quality.