NYU School of Medicine Professor Philip Tierno Jr., ‘Dr. Germ,’ Completes Paper on AtmosAir Technology


Dr. Philip M. Tierno Jr., Professor of Microbiology & Pathology at New York University and NYU Langone Medical Center reviewed published research and testing on AtmosAir purification technology and concluded in his recent paper:

“There is only one technology that satisfies all of the tenants for providing clean indoor air quality for an entire building, which uses low energy, is effective against bacteria, viruses, and mold fungi (whether in air or on surfaces), neutralizes particulates, breaks down VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), eliminates unpleasant odors, eliminates static electricity, and produces no chemical or harmful by-products (including NO ozone production) and this is accomplished by the production of positive and negative ions (bipolar ionization). That system is AtmosAir Bipolar Ionization.”

Read the full paper – HERE

About the author

Dr. Tierno is Professor of Microbiology and Pathology at NYU School of Medicine and NYU Langone Medical Center. He also serves on the Global Hygiene Council. Dr. Tierno is the author of the book, The Secret Life of Germs, and has authored or co-authored several other publications. Dr. Tierno has served on the New York City Mayor’s Task Force on Bio Terrorism.