Healthier Facilities: AtmosAir to Monitor Air Quality in all NFL Training Centers













In February of 2017, AtmosAir joined the NFL Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society at the NFL combine in Indianapolis to present for the 10th straight year.

Before the conference President and CEO of AtmosAir Solutions, Steve Levine, thanked the PFATs team for all they have done to increase awareness around improving the quality of indoor air and air sanitation.

In addition each team was presented with an AtmosAware air quality monitor for their training rooms. AtmosAir will monitor ultrafine particulate levels, gaseous contaminant levels, temperature, carbon dioxide, relative humidity and carbon monoxide to better understand the indoor environmental quality in these facilities.

Levine notes, “As part of our ten-year anniversary, we’re looking forward to monitoring air quality in all respective NFL training rooms.  We’re excited to establish baselines on arguably the most important health aspect in our lives – the air we breathe. We know our work with various NFL teams has given us a platform to increase our message.  I believe we will use these analytics to compare different facilities and ultimately improve many more facilities not just in professional sports.  The power of comparison is great because we’re all trying to better ourselves.  If this urges each organization to validate their current facility, it can go a long way in the methodology to not only understand where we are today, but also enhance and make our facilities healthier.”

The Professional Football Athletic Trainers Society (PFATS) is a Professional Association representing the athletic trainers of the National Football League.  They aim to serve the players of the NFL, the member Clubs, and other members of the community.  Their overall purpose is to insure the highest quality of health care is provided to the National Football League.

AtmosAir purification and AtmosAware Indoor Air Quality monitoring is installed in various professional, collegiate, and everyday sports training environments.