Montessori Academy

The parents of students at Montessori Academy in the Biyun area of Shanghai China have an extra reason to be happy their kids are going to Montessori Academy.  AtmosAir is now installed in all the academy’s classrooms.  The systems there will ensure contaminants remain in a healthy range.

Montessori Academy serves some very young students, some less than 2 years old.  As any teacher or parent knows, this is an age when bacteria and viruses are transmitted especially frequently between students and even to teachers and parents.  AtmosAir’s systems have been shown to both reduce airborne microbes as well as microbes that collect on classroom surfaces, both common sources of transmission.

Young children are the most susceptible to both the long term and short term effects of poor air quality.  AtmosAir believes that improving air quality in classrooms is one of the best ways to protect the next generation.  We are enthusiastic about working with schools.  Please reach out if you think we might be of assistance to your child’s school.