Education First in Shanghai Gives Employees a Breath of Fresh AtmosAir

Education First (EF), an international language training and cultural exchange company, provides experiential learning through language courses, cultural exchange and educational travel. When EF decided to expand their offices in Shanghai, China into the basement of their building, they were concerned about air quality in the windowless space. They didn’t have a lot of time to come up with a solution, as they needed to move in employees as quickly as possible after the renovation.

After considering their options, they decided to install six AtmosAir 508F commercial air purification systems in their outside air ducts to purify air as it entered the basement space. Employees moved into the new space within a week after the renovation and furniture delivery were complete.

“We were amazed at the fresh, clean air in the our office’s newly renovated basement thanks to the AtmosAir solution,” said Edengrace Cayosa, Office Manager at EF Education First Asia Headquarters. “Many of our employees began spending more time in the basement space, commenting that the air quality there was so much better than in the rest of the building. So of course we installed AtmosAir systems on all of our other floors!”

The perceptibly better air quality at EF was backed-up by air quality testing that was conducted over 17 different points in the basement space after the AtmosAir systems had been operating for one month (two weeks without furniture and two weeks with furniture moved in). Results showed that average levels of formaldehyde, benzene, toluene, ammonia and total volatile organic compounds (TVOC) were all significantly below national limits:

  • Formaldehyde – 0.021, 21% of national limit
  • Benzene – 0.009, 10% of national limit
  • Toluene – 0.018, 9% of national limit
  • Ammonia – 0.05, 25% of national limit
  • TVOC – 0.268, 44% of national limit

It’s no secret that Shanghai struggles with significant air pollution problems. Because of the superior air quality in the basement from the AtmosAir systems, EF was able to reduce the amount of outside air supplied to the basement from the originally designed levels. This also helped them save energy.

As a result of the successful transformation of EF’s basement air, the company has subsequently installed AtmosAir systems throughout their entire office. They are continually monitoring and achieving great air quality and expect to see significant energy savings from the office-wide AtmosAir systems as well.