Bloomberg: Office Related Wellness Programs A Growing Multi Billion Dollar Industry

As reported by Bloomberg News, ‘The corporate-wellness business—from once-a-year biometric screenings to all-encompassing programs such as the one FS [Investments] offers—has ballooned to a $6.8 billion industry, according to IBISWorld analyst Kelsey Oliver, all on the promise of reducing employers’ health insurance costs.

AtmosAir is a major part of wellness. Spending time in fresh air, surrounded by nature, has been said to increase one’s energy by 90%. Employers are looking to offer healthy indoor office environments and AtmosAir indoor air purification systems makes it possible for office employees to refresh their lungs while working with the same clean, pure air found only in nature.

Ensuring and enhancing employee productivity is a reality no business can ignore, and companies are understanding the value of keeping their workforce healthy and more productive.

AtmosAir customers, Gensler and JLL, both have stated that it’s worth over $1,500 – $2,000 annually per employee due to less absenteeism with healthy air.

The answer is clear – employers need to focus on wellness to ensure the most amount of productivity from their staff members and less employee absenteeism overall.