Bangkok Case Studies Show Remarkable Reduction in Airborne Bacteria with AtmosAir Solutions

AtmosAir Solutions has recently completed two exciting comprehensive case studies in Bangkok, Thailand.  AtmosAir Solutions was initially installed in one floor of a large Thai Bank as part of a trial by the bank to verify the performance of the AtmosAir system.  Pre-testing at the bank showed bacteria levels that exceeded the detectable limit of the testing equipment, over 1,307 cfu/m3 (colony forming units per square meter), amd more than 2.6 times the Singapore Standard SS 554:2009 Code of Practice for Indoor air quality for air-conditioned buildings (500cfu/m3.)

Following approximately two weeks with the AtmosAir 508FC operating in the air handling unit serving the floor, bacteria was re-tested and had been reduced by over 82% to 234cfu/m3.

Following these encouraging results, the bank decided to install AtmosAir Solutions in four additional more floors at their headquarters.  Again, in the case of one floor where the before test bacteria reading exceeded 1,307 cfu/m3, AtmosAir Solutions reduced bacteria by over 92% to 95cfu/m3.  Moreover, even on other floors where bacteria was initially lower and between 20-60% of the 500cfu/m3 limit, the post-treatment testing showed very substantial reductions of bacteria levels, holding all post-testing levels to within 30% of the Singapore Standard.

All pre and post testing was done by Safety and Health at Work Promotion Association (Thailand,) an independent indoor air quality testing company.  These results support lab testing done by both Antimicrobial Test Laboratories and Microchem Laboratory.  AtmosAir Solutions is a key element for creating a healthy indoor environment where customers and employees are less susceptible to infection.